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Kinnow,Mandarin,Tangerine,Citrus,Pakistani Fruit Exporters,Grower,Supplier,Exporter,Importer,
Kinnow,Mandarin,Tangerine,Citrus,Pakistani Fruit Exporters,Diploid,Grower,Supplier,Exporter,Importer,Pakistan,Iran,Russia,Egypt,China,India,import,export,Mandarin orange
The Arshad & Company was established in 1980 as a local commission agents for the fruits. We have opened our first office in bhalwal (the city of kinnow). After establishing our self in the market we had opened our second office in the Islamabad. In 1990 we entered the export of pakistani Kinnow and since then we are leading exporter of pakistani kinnow all over the world.

Today Pakistan stands among the top ten citrus producers countries in the world. The Kinnow/ Mandarin is a member of the citrus fruit family and was developed through the lengthy hybridization process of lemon. It is grown in the plain area of punjab (sargodha) and its season starts from december and goes up till to the end of April.

EASY TO PEEL: The rind, containing numerous oil glands, comes easily with bare hands since it is loosely bound compared to other types of citrus fruits. Therefore the Kinnow can be just peeled off and enjoyed any where any time.

High juice contents and flavour: Kinnow contains a lot of Vitamins, Iron and Phosphorus and this makes its taste great and tasty.

Use of Pulp: Use the pulp to make the delicious deserts Jams, Jelly and Sauces.

Skin: The skin can be used to make the Cosmetics and essence.

Mango: The magnificent pakistani mangoes, one of the premier tropical fruits in the world. Pakistani Mangoes having excellent flavours, attractive fragrance, beautiful colour, delicious taste and rich with portents and vitamins. It mostly grows in the province of sindh and in some areas of punjab. Its season starts from the begining of may up till end of october.


SAVOURY SINDHRI: The season starts from june to july. Its size is bg and got appealing fragrance and thick fibers.

CHOICEST CHAUNSA: The season starts fro july to september. It is sweetest in MANGO family and has fiber less pulp with great fragrant aroma.

GREAT GHULAB KHAS: The seaon from May to August, preferred by mango easters, it has appealing apple-red color when ripe and delightful aroma with delicious falour.

The main vaieties are "Holand 7 ", "Atlanic","Shepody' and so on."Holand":the skin of potato is flat , color is light yellow, and there is no any spot , and the shape is oval, contenting abundant Vatimn C,starch etc. The dry matter content is about 20%,the starch is 12.4--14%, and the sugar is 0.03% , Vatimin is 13.6mg/100g. It will be on market in right now .

Atlantic and Shepody are made for french fries."Atlantic" : the pulp is white ,the shape is round and oval, the dry matter content is 23%,thestarch is 17.9%, the reducing sugar is 0.03%, it will be on market in June.

"Shepody " : the dry matter content is 19-23%, the reducing sugar is 0.2%,the shape is oval , it will be on market in August .

Standard Packing size : Packed in mesh bag of 20,25,50,100kgs depending on customer requirments.

We are also importing fruits "pears, grapes & apple" from china,. About 65% of the total volume impotred to pakistan is our share in this pakistan market. We distribute these fruits to all over pakistan (including all small & big cities of pakistan) Iran and Afghanistan. So we have a very good and fast distribution network throughout pakistan. PEARS, GRAPES, APPLES